Suit Up

the art of bespoke suits.


A suit crafted by hand is a work of art that is becoming less and less common in its original form. Commonly referred to as ‘bespoke’, the suit instils a kind of composure that makes you feel sophisticated and in control.

The individuality of each suit is emphasised, with the client exerting a significant influence on the cut through his own preferences, personality and not least of all with his figure. The cutter is responsible in translating the client’s ideas into his own stylistic language.

Suit up. is the enjoyment of a personalised service of creating your own handcrafted suit with the whole process being carried out in an atmosphere of calm and intimacy. We offer full canvassed, half canvassed or fully fused suits, and the ability to set your imagination free with the detailing of the outside and inside of the suit.


The benchmark of the pricing structure is set by the fabrics you select. We have a fine selection of over 2000 fabrics from Italian and English Mills ranging from Super 100s to Super 180s and 100% Cashmere wool fabrics, along with wool and silk mixes.

Every suit we make comprises of the age-old Savile Row craftsmanship and blending it with the ethics of contemporary minimalism. In other words, our suits make you feel young, classy and dapper.

“craft by hand”. A motto that drives us to believe that every piece we produce should be handcrafted. We believe in quality and working by hand even if it takes longer. This self-driven passion produces the finest suits and together with perseverance we reach the highest levels of perfection.