reusable protective face masks.

feel the difference.

Designed in the UAE.

Created in the UAE.

100% locally sourced.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed face masks that cover the face till under the chin with an added memory nose grip that sits firm around the nose.

With the entire process designed in the UAE and created in the UAE, our materials are 100% locally sourced with intention of using nature occurring fabrics.

3 Fold Filtration

The filter is added as a middle layer creating a 3-ply construction. We tested filter layer against liquids and it has proved to be fluid resistant. 

The materials are also latex free, hypoallergenic and fibreglass free. 

cotton. linen. denim.

Production Process

Working in over 3000sqft of workspace, our ability to maintain a safe distance between each work (1.5m – 2m) raises the hygiene standards.

Employees working on a project are provided with face masks, gloves and a temperature check on arrival, and during their break time.

Licensed disinfectants are used at the start and end of each production schedule.

All working areas, machinery and equipment are disinfected prior to the start of any production schedule.


Sustainability was a key part of our focus whilst producing these masks, therefore using nature occurring materials such as linen and cotton. 


The masks have also been designed to be machine washable and reusable up to 4 weeks, depending on their usage. Thus, we have a lesser dependence on single use masks that is increasing landfill.

What makes us unique?

Most standard masks are not supported with a filter and act as fashion masks. VEIL 1.0 is designed to be a reusable protective face mask with a fashionable twist. A thorough research of the product has been done to meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and also following the standards set by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.