a limited edition collection for the urban traveller.


"What Makes India?"

inspired by the creative energy emanating from the everyday occupations and personalities of Indian heritage.

we put together a collection that transpires the native common man’s clothing into urban apparel, with a twist.


Inspired by the iconic style of Jawaharlal Nehru, this blazer outfit is set to stand out from the crowd by it’s unique aesthetic design. The signature contrast appliqué is subtly hidden behind vents in the back of the jacket thus making the design both comfortable and breathable. The jacket is handmade using horse-tail hair lining. Production is exclusively limited to 5 pieces.

Paired together with our handmade patched denim jeans.

Designer Notes // the visual turnout of the blazer was quite a stunning achievement. The concept of the jacket was to have a formal appeal with a hidden minimalistic feature that creates a sudden outburst of our signature appliqué and this is what we achieved.
Blazer // 65% Viscose, 35% Wool
Tee Shirt // 100% Cotton Mako Jersey
Denim Jeans // 100% Cotton Stretch Handmade
made in dubai.

kinnauri ninja.

Living on high elevated lands in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Kinnauri’s have a temperate climate and long winters with perpetual snow. They are often always seen in heavy winter wear, which is the inspiration behind this hoodie outfit taken from the Kinnauri man and adapted to the climatic conditions of the Middle East. Our signature contrast appliqué is tucked into the inside and can only be see when the hoodie is down.

Paired together with our pleated high-waist cuffed woollen pants.

Designer Notes // perhaps the most interesting part of the hoodie is the exterior fabric. It has a bamboo-like weave giving the fabric a rough, vintage look. The edges are unfinished and left to fray naturally. The pants are loose-fitted and the waist is bandless with pleats and an elastic grip in the backside.

Hoodie Jacket // 100% Wool (exterior) Sports Jersey (lining)
Tee Shirt // 100% Cotton Mako Jersey
Pants // 100% Wool (lightweight)
made in dubai.

trending peasant.

Drawn out from the roots of Indian agricultural heritage, farmers of India tend to wear lightweight, loose-fitted clothing that is at best comfortable. To this, we used a paper thin cotton jersey fabric to create a comfort fit tee shirt that has a touch of our signature contrast appliqué as a minimalist feature. 

Paired together with our stylish high-waist woollen trousers

Designer Notes // comfort is pivotal to this collection. Weighing just 75gsm, the peasant tee is extremely soft and comfortable without being transparent. a minimalistic touch of our signature detail is added to the pocket. The sleeves have a two-fold up for an urban feel. The approach of the peasant pants is purely elegance, in terms of the cut and fabric feel.
Tee Shirt // 100% Cotton Mako Jersey
Pants // 100% Wool (lightweight)
made in dubai.

angler feels.

With their legs almost always submersed in water, wearing knee-length clothing is a preferred option amongst fishermen of India. This inspiration is derived from one particular fisherman’s outfit, setting the stone to create a perfect cardigan that can be worn reversible.

Paired together with our loose-fitted travel shorts and peasant tee.

Designer Notes // there was sheer bliss after this concept was materialised. The reversible cardigan promises a sporty and energetic feel on the red side, whereas the reversed black side defines comfort. Hidden within the pocket is the signature contrast appliqué that also acts as an additional pocket slot.

Cardigan // 100% Cotton Jersey x Sports Jersey
Tee Shirt // 100% Cotton Mako Jersey
Shorts // 100% Wool (lightweight)
made in dubai.


The Rajput Garasia are an indigenous tribe that belong to the north western state of Rajasthan. This Garasia inspired bomber jacket pays tribute to the colourful clothing worn by the women of the tribe who retain a high status within themselves. Whereas the front of the jacket maintains subtle features, the back view exposes an outburst of colours coming from our signature contrast.

Paired with our high-waist elastic grip cuff woollen pants.

Designer Notes // the front of the bomber was intentionally kept subtle so as to create an explosion of colours when the back is seen. The colours in our signature contrast pattern are mesmerising, even more against the borders and detailing of the black bomber jacket. A true show-stopper and our favourite piece in the collection.
Jacket // 100% Cotton Black
Tee Shirt // 100% Cotton Mako Jersey
Pants // 100% Wool
made in dubai.