who we are

Let us take the opportunity to term ourselves "promoters of the avant-garde"

Those that are born in the late 80's typically understand the conundrum faced in their childhood years when desktop computers and the world wide web were still in their primitive stages. Uncertain whether to go and play outside or sit at home and discover the "internet", we have truly grown up with a love-hate relationship with new-age technology.

Here we are, subjected to a similar story once again, this time with a team of precocious individuals thrown into a business of traditional artistry whilst attempting to bridge the gap with the contemporary world. We find ourselves embracing the future by adopting minimalistic thinking, and not forgetting the past, which means crafting our clothes by hand.

The effect of merging the two together has created an awe-inspiring clothing line that we are proud to offer, in limited editions.


That is who we are.


Why we believe

what we believe

tailoring is an art.

Minimalism is a trend in art and design; a type of trend that adopts the motto "Less is more". We put this principle into practice by using the least amount of colour in the right places, to create the most amount of visual impact. The result is traditionally aesthetic clothing with an unconventional twist. The minimal detailing creates it's own sense of individuality making the wearer stand out from the crowd.

precision is the art of tailoring.

A perfectly fitted suit is non-existent, especially when it is handcrafted. Nevertheless to reach the highest levels of perfection, the principles of precision are applied to our traditional tailoring techniques. By expanding our knowledge base and creating a limited number of clothes, we control every step of production analytically, creating the finest menswear in the market.

that is what we believe.


why we do 

what we do







Have you ever wondered where your clothes end up after you throw them?
Before I even put pen to paper, I think a few decades ahead. Would people still love my pieces fifty years into the future? What materials would best suit the air and temperature? Will I be making menswear for a colony on Mars? Creating something new yet timeless is my mission. I give nods to more classic shapes and silhouettes, but apply a certain neo-futurist element to everything I touch. Above all, my artform is about ergonomics.

This isn't fast fashion.  this is fashion for the man of tomorrow.

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