It can certainly get tiring and repetitive trying to keep up with social media, especially if you get stuck in a rut. That’s what happens to me and then, I just go dormant and in a phase of reflection.

During one of these phases I received a sensational recognition which gave me the jolt I needed to get back on my feet again. Esquire Middle East recognised me as one of 2018’s Best Dressed Men in the Gulf.

Suddenly I had that feel good moment and started to see the light at the end of the tunnel! One thing I have understood is – not realising how far you’ve come in life is perhaps the greatest deception that one should be aware of. In that moment I looked back in time and reflected on my achievements and automatically started to feel stronger!

and lets make this clear – just by putting on a fancy tailor-made suit won’t get you the full confidence. You’ve got to feel it from within.

t was a sheer pleasure having the guys over from Esquire at the atelier.

I personally want to give a big shout out to Daniel Higgins for putting me in the limelight.

I am a strong believer that passion and perseverance paves the way for success, as I see it occurring in my own life.

Very seldom have I had the chance to make a suit in comfort, but maybe there’s a part of me that gets the inmost satisfaction of creating last minute wonders.

The suit worn in this photoshoot was created over a period of 4 days using a Super 120s Wool from Huddersfield Fine Worsteds. I had been eyeing this colour for quite some time and somehow the right moment to bring it out furnished itself.

As always, the idea was to use a contrasting fabric as minimalist detail to create the maximum impact in the final look. The buttons used here also played an important role in highlighting the double breast jacket.

What the reader doesn’t know is that it took two attempts to get this look right. Which means, I actually have the exact same suit in inverse colours!

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