every suit has a story. EVERY.

This one was a rather speedy one.



Perhaps the first suit that I ever made since I started working for my company. The reason I call it a speedy story is because it took 10 working hours to complete this suit.

What was the urgency? The grand opening of GQ Bar in Dubai.

To provide you with some background information, our company Threads & Tailors, supplied the uniforms for GQ Bar and I handled the project in it’s entirety.

Now when you’re left to dress the cashier all the way up till the CEO, there’s a high probability that you will end up forgetting yourself and that is precisely what happened to me.

So yes, I was left with less than a day to create a suit to represent myself at the opening.

The opening took place on 29th January, 2014.

Fast forward 3 and a half years later, the suit still fits me almost perfectly and reviewing this suit after so many years has been a pleasure.

I even remember that the reason I chose this fabric was because of it’s mesmerising colour. It is one of the only fabrics that I have noticed to manifest a different colour under different lighting situations. Thus to me, this is the perfect suit to have as a day and night outfit.

Here are some details of the suit that I liked – 

  • created using a VBC Super 110s Wool, midnight blue.
  • a one button cut with a slim peak lapel.
    • the result of such a cut will always give your upper body a lengthened and broader feel.
  • welt pockets with flaps
  • a slim well tapered arm (to the point where only I would fit into it 😝)
    • this is a style preference. Not everyone is everyone is comfortable wearing such fitted clothes.

Here are some details of the suit that I didn’t like –

  • a fully fused suit with almost non-existent handwork.
  • the finishing of the suit isn’t top quality, but that’s what you will get in a 10 hour turn-around.
  • a lot of fine details are missing (some of them can be added at a later stage).
    • lapel hole (nonetheless, it doesn’t look so bad without it, considering the slim lapels)
    • sleeve button holes
      • these take a long time to make, even more depending on the kind of buttonhole you make.
    • finishing of the peak lapel
    • details on the inside of the suit!
      • all I did was add a gorgeous Red lining but there is perhaps a lot more that you can do.

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